Charles’ 1979 CX500

Honda 1979 CX500 frame GL650 motor Randakks Cycle Shack customer build custom motorcycle


Now, this is not your garden variety CX500.

We like that.

Long time Randakk’s customer Charles blessed our inbox with a cool story of his custom build that you have to read to believe:


“I talked to Randall Washington yesterday, as I hadn’t seen him in years. I didn’t know he had retired! Anyhow, we got to shooting the breeze and I shared a pic of a scrambler I built with him, and he suggested I send it here. Since I’m technically a customer (I have one of the very first GL1000 spin-on oil filter kits), it’s a customer bike and can go in the gallery 🙂

It’s a 1979 CX500 Deluxe frame, with an 83 GL650 motor and GL500 wiring harness, gauges, and ignition. The carbs are Murray’s VM34 Mikuni kit, the swingarm is a modified GL500 unit, with modified lower linkages for more ride height and to fit the clevis for the Hayabusa shock I’m running. Driveshaft is the front part of a CX500 shaft mated to the rear portion of a GL500 shaft, as the GL500 swingarm on a CX frame gives almost a 2″ longer wheelbase. Front forks and wheel are from a 1994 GSXR750. This fit with just a new top bearing and some spacers, and even retained the mechanical speedo drive. Calipers are 6-piston jobs from a 1998 GSXR750, and the radial master cylinder is from the same model. Tank was a NOS 1981 CX500D tank I had boxed on a shelf. Exhaust is custom, tire-hugging rear fender is custom (made from a GSXR750 front fender), radiator wings are custom (built from cut-down GL1000 radiator wings), under-slung battery mount is custom, and doubles as a 3/16” thick skid plate. The wheels are interesting. The front is a GSXR hub I had made custom by Cognito-moto (retaining the cable speedo drive), mated to a Warp-9 rim with stainless Buchanan spokes. The rear is a pair of EARLY moto-synthesis spoke rings with custom larger holes, to run the same 6mm spokes as the front wheel. Those rings are bolted to a disassembled Comstar hub, and again mated to a Warp-9 rim with buchanan spokes. Tires are Shinko 705s. Foot controls (shifter and brake pedal) are from a Turbo.

I call it my “650 Street Scrambler”, and it’s an absolute blast to ride!”


Incredible work, Charles and thank you for choosing Randakk’s Cycle Shack for all these years! Cheers!