Peter Colombo’s 1975 Honda GL1000

1975 Honda GL1000 Randakks Cycle Shakk Bike Gallery

It is always cool to hear a story of a motorcycle staying with its original owner.



Introduced in 1975, the Honda GL1000 was a stunning technical achievement. The original, unfaired GoldWing was the world’s biggest, heaviest and second fastest bike available at the time (only the mighty Kawasaki Z1 was swifter). Novel features included a liquid-cooled flat-four engine, belt-driven overhead cams, shaft drive, triple disc brakes, under-seat fuel tank, counter-rotating alternator, two oil pumps, “floating” piston pins, faux top shelter “tank” and detachable back-up kick-start arm to mention a few. Honda used the GL1000 to showcase its considerable engineering prowess and put other motorcycle marques on notice that it was a force to be reckoned with.

Randakk’s customer Peter Colombo bought his Goldwing brand new in 1975, rode it until 1982, putting about 90,0000 miles on it! After that, Colombo garaged it until 1990. In a failed effort to get his prized GL1000 running, back in the garage she went until 2013.

1975 Honda GL1000 Randakks Cycle Shakk Bike Gallery 2

“I now had enough time to try again and get her running,” says Peter. “All went well and, 2 years later, she was alive!!!”

Colombo had such a great time re-building his Wing that he decided to kick things up a notch. In 2017, he started a frame-up build. “The look was to be cafe’d”, Peter explains. “Started out with sand-blasting, then powder coating. Painted the plastic parts. Every nut, bolt, and washer was changed, in favor of stainless steel.”

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Colombo’s Wing has had its fair share of modifications. The clutch was changed to hydraulic with a new master cylinder. The disc brakes were drilled, the handlebars were lowered for more aggressive steering, new headers were added, along with a fresh electrical system.

“I have used many parts from Randakk’s”, praises Colombo. “Spin-On oil filter, stainless brake lines, carb rebuild kit, and a master cylinder for new brakes. The bike runs great, as the motor is still all original.”

Excellent work, Peter and thank you for choosing Randakk’s Cycle Shakk to assist in bringing your Goldwing out of the garage and back on the pavement!

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Randakk’s Cycle Shakk Parts List


GL1000 Master Carb Kit

Oil Filter Conversion Kit ( fits: GL1000, GL1200, CB750, and CB1100 models )

Upgraded Front Master Cylinder with 5/8″ Piston and Remote Reservoir

Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hose Kit ( fits: 1975 – 1976 GL1000 models )

GL1000 Choke Linkage Attach Kit

GL1000 Engine Cover Bolt Set ( fits: 1975 – 1979 GL1000 models )

Replacement Driver Bit Set ( 3″ Long )