Tim’s Honda CB750

1980 Honda CB750

Tim N sent us a picture of his Honda CB750.

Tim said:

“First bike, and my first build.
Stock 80, CB750 engine with a weld on hardtail.
The seat is from an old 45 HD
The tank is a from a Big Boy
Headlight is a 7 inch from an old Ultra, not sure what year with just a standard headlight.
Electronic ignition.
4into1 custom exhaust, a no baffle 2-1/2 inch straight pipe. ( Yes it is loud).
I have installed dual 45 Mikuni carbs since the photo.
Stock front end but i am having machined a top tree plate so i can run one inch bars later this summer.
All the wiring is custom by me with correct color code for that year and ran in the frame where possible.
Oh, the Oil Tank? That is custom made by Diesel Displays and holds all the fuses, relays, and ignition module.
If they don’t hear me coming, or see me, they will at least hear the Howard Hog Air Horn.
The first time I took the bike out after installing the new carbs, I gave it the normal amount of throttle for a stock carb setup and nearly fell off the bike backwards.
I get looks everywhere I go, a lot of good comments. In a recent bike show that I entered, One of the judges said that this is what custom build is all about.
And yes, it hauls ass down the street.”

Thanks Tim!