CBX "Air Tees" (NOT included in CBX Master Kit) - Set of 2

If you're doing a concours quality CBX carb restoration, you will probably need the so-called "air tees." 

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If you're doing a concours quality CBX carb restoration, you will probably need the so-called "air tees." These are frequently deteriorated and sporadically available from Honda. The "air tees" are the main portion of Honda's "Joint Set D" - part #16036-422-004 (2 required). The current list price for this often "discontinued" item is $28.57 each.

These venting tees are located between carbs #2 & #3 and between carbs #4 & #5.

The actual material is a trade secret, but these are constructed of superior synthetic rubber material to resist the components of modern gasoline.

These aren't super critical from a functional point of view since they are only vent circuits that equalize the carbs to outside atmospheric pressure. But, the tees and hoses help exclude debris and water. They are an item that sharp show judges will look for.

Functional billet aluminum reproductions are available elsewhere, but they do not match the original OEM item perfectly like these do. Plus, mine are available at a more attractive price.

Through a special arrangement, Randakk's is now the exclusive North American outlet for these exquisite reproduction CBX air tees from Arnold Korn of Germany. Made with superior synthetic rubber material and precision workmanship, they are virtually indistinguishable from OEM.

Reproduction "Air Tees" - sold in sets of 2

Note: The normal installation method is to install these "air tees" is when the carbs are split apart for major service. But, it is not absolutely necessary to split the carbs. If you are careful, they will pop on with seal picks and appropriate lubrication. You just curl one side of the tee on then carefully pop the other side on. Excellent lighting and a fair amount of patience is advised. Special thanks to Tony MacNeill (sixofsix) for reminding me of this detail.

Note: I'm selling these in a pair of 2 "air tees."

Note: You may also need the 2 "straight air joints" as well (shown below). These are also part of Honda's "Joint Set D" - #16036-422-004 (2 required). These are not included with my reproduction air tees. They can easily be fashioned from suitably-sized 15mm long sections of fuel hose.

These "straight air joints" are located between carbs #1 & #2 and between carbs #5 & #6.

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Is Universal Part: No

OEM Number(s):

  • 16036-422-004

Motorcycle Fitment:

  • 1979 Honda CBX CBX
  • 1980 Honda CBX CBX
  • 1981 Honda CBX CBX
  • 1982 Honda CBX CBX