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Float Pin Removal Tool

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Another Randakk Exclusive!

This clever tool helps remove stubborn float pins with less risk of breaking the float pin posts (stanchions), so you won??t need one of my float post repair kits!

Created by my friend Bob Hagerman, these tools are made of hardened steel and will last a lifetime.

Randakk's Float Pin Removal Tool

With each order we include:

  • Float Pin Removal Tool
  • ??Starter? Extraction Screw (blunt tip)
  • ??Progression? Extraction Screw (pin-nosed tip)
  • Removal ??Drift? (pop-rivet)
  • Instructions

This tool is sized to work with all the carb models Randakk??s supports:

  • Honda GL1000
  • Honda GL1100
  • Honda GL1200
  • Honda GL1500
  • Honda CBX
  • Honda CX500 and Variants
  • Honda DOHC-4 models
  • any carburetor that has float pins 24.00-26.75mm long

Tips for Using this Tool

  1. Soak the stubborn pin overnight with penetrating oil.
  2. Use only finger pressure! Do not apply a wrench to the extraction screws for additional leverage!
  3. Whenever you encounter strong resistance, try reversing the direction.
  4. Sometimes a series of back-and-forth movements is the best strategy
  5. Use the supplied flat nose starter extraction pin to start movement. All you need is a few thousandths of an inch of movement to initiate the removal process. This introduces beneficial penetrating oil.
  6. Next, use the ??Progression? pin-nosed extraction screw to move the float pin another 3/16?. Remember, finger-tip pressure only wrenches! This is just enough movement to clear one of the posts (stanchions) ...that usually frees the pin considerably.
  7. Place the carb on a shop towel on your workbench. This is important as it promotes ??floating? on the bench and reduces risk of damage during the next step.
  8. The float pin should now be loose enough to remove by lightly tapping the supplied drift (pop-rivet) with a very small hammer. I use a child??s toy hammer for this step.

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