FT500 Master Carb Kit

Here's another Randakk exclusive item designed to help you put your FT500 carb in top working order.
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Randakk Master Carb Overhaul Kit? for Honda FT500 Ascot.

World's Best FT500 Kit!


Here's another Randakk exclusive item designed to help you put your FT500 carb in top working order. Randakk Master Carb Overhaul Kit(R) includes everything you need (and nothing you don't!) for a comprehensive FT500 carb overhaul. This kit is engineered for single cylinder Ascots only.

Contents of Randakk's FT500 Master Carb Overhaul Kit(R)

This booklet alone and other neat Instructional Guides from Mike Nixon are available here at Mike's Book Nook!

This kit is proprietary to Randakk's won't find this available anywhere else at any price. Randakk's sourced the best available parts from 3 continents and combined them in a unique combination that represents real value. Kit is appropriate for any 1982-1983 FT500 with original carb.

Note: The round o-rings in each of our Master Kits are made of Viton rather than ordinary nitrile (Buna-N) as found in other aftermarket carb kits. Viton is superior to nitrile in terms of:

  • Heat tolerance (400 degrees F vs. 250 degrees F)
  • Compression set
  • Permeation
Did you know that one good case of severe engine overheating can ruin the carb o-rings found in ordinary kits? Randakk o-rings are the best available! See Viton Proof here.

Also, Randakk's o-ring sizes are precise. They??re equivalent to the exact sizes specified by Honda for each fitment. Not "close-enough" sizes as in many of the other aftermarket kits I've evaluated.

Only the highest quality items are included. The kit has been thoroughly tested. Collection represents the best value available in the market. Trust Randakk's, you'll need everything in this kit to do a proper overhaul of your carbs.


Viton O-rings:

  • 1- Fuel (idle) mixture screw (2.8 x 1.1 mm)
  • 1- Float bowl drain screw (4.3 x 1.3 mm)
  • 1 - CV Slide Top Limit Plug (6.9 x 1.3 mm)
  • 1 - Accelerator pump passage at float bowl (5.0 x 1.3 mm)
  • 1 - Heat Insulator (intake-to-cylinder) oring (40.0 x 2.6 mm)
  • 1 - Intake-to-carb oring (40.0 x 2.6 mm)

Float Bowl Gasket (1):

  • Constructed of superior Viton material to resist the components of modern gasoline.

Miscellaneous Parts:

  • 1 Air Cutoff Valve Overhaul Kit
  • 1 Accelerator Pump Overhaul Kit
  • 1 idle mixture screw washer
  • 3 float bowl screws (4 x 16 mm)
  • 1 mm cotter pin for accelerator pump linkage - 2 supplied (simple item, but hard to find elsewhere)
  • 2 high quality, plated M3 x 6mm (0.5 pitch) panhead screws for securing choke butterflies (necessary for critical inspection advised by Mike Nixon)


You will need access to good reference material for a successful rebuild.

Consider Mike Nixon's booklet, Rebuilding the Honda FT500 Carburetor. This 30+ page booklet offers better explanations and photos than the official Honda Workshop Manual. Nearly 100quality photos and illustrations

Artwork courtesy of Mike Nixon

This booklet and other Instructional Guides by Mike Nixon are available directly here at Mike's Book Nook.

Randakk's also recommends that you refer to the official Honda Factory Workshop Manual. A good source for the official Honda manual is:


1. The Randakk Master Carb Overhaul Kit®› for Honda FT500 Ascot is for single cylinder Ascots only. do not purchase if you have a twin-cylinder Ascot (VT500).

2. Mike Nixon recommends a critical inspection that requires removal of the choke butterfly screws. The staked OEM choke butterfly screws are very difficult to re-use. You will need to use some medium strength Lock-Tite to secure our replacement screws.

3. No jets or jet needles are supplied with kit. These can normally be cleaned and re-used. Aftermarket needles are not sized as accurately as the OEM needles and may introduce lean / rich problems where none existed. Unless your needles are worn or bent, Randakk's recommends reusing them. If you try to buy jet needles from Honda, you'll discover that they are only available as a set which includes the CV slide, cap and jet needle. The price will make you faint! If you need jets, buy aftermarket kits such as those from K&L or spring for the genuine Honda bits.

4. No float valve/seat assembly is included in the kit. Many aftermarket rebuild kits include float valve/seat assemblies of dubious quality. There have been many problems with these aftermarket items. Most related to the aftermarket float needles being incorrectly sized (too short) resulting in unreliable (or nonexistent) fuel shutoff. Some are OK. The rubber tip and seat on the OEM item will last nearly forever and can usually be cleaned and reused. If you decide to reuse your existing float assemblies, be sure to remove and clean the small fuel strainer beneath the float seat. We're keeping the cost down and giving you a choice on what to buy if you think new ones are needed.

5. If you need new float valve/seat assemblies, you can buy the OEM item and not have a worry. This way you'll also get new fuel inlet screens (the plastic strainers installed below each float valve). Or, take a slight gamble and go with an aftermarket float valve/seat assemblies which are available at reasonable cost from numerous suppliers. When you use aftermarket float valve/seat assemblies you will need to carefully remove, clean and reuse your existing fuel inlet screens.

6. The Randakk Master Carb Overhaul Kit®› for Honda FT500 Ascot includes 21 total pieces.

7. Considerable skill is required to install this high quality kit correctly. Since Randakk's cannot control this important variable, there is no warranty. Rest assured that they are of the highest quality materials and workmanship. Each kit has been carefully packed and inspected to ensure that all items are included.

8. Warning: Please open the package very carefully upon arrival. Many of the parts are very small so take appropriate precautions. If you chose to open the package in the dark over your gravel driveway, after 1 or 12 beers, please don't later complain that you are a "few o-rings short." Seriously, do be careful when you open the package!

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Is Universal Part: No

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment:

  • 1982 Honda FT500 FT500A
  • 1983 Honda FT500 FT500A