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If you favor chrome and foam grips with tassels, read no further - these are not for you. But if you're a serious rider, these are simply the best grips available. Great for discriminating riders of any motorcycle with 7/8" bars requiring "standard" length grips: 5" - 5 1/2"

Developed for experienced riders who need optimal feedback from the front tire and throttle. Developed in conjunction with Randakk's involvement in AHRMA racing competition.

Randakk's business model is simple: everything offered has to please him and prove its value on his bikes.These improved grips are a perfect example. They culminate 2 years of intensive R&D effort!

These grips are designed by Randakk's and are now made in my proprietary molds. The special synthetic rubber formulation is proprietary. In fact, we had to invent some new manufacturing processes to perfect the combination of resilience and "tacky" feel these grips deliver. These are exclusive to Randakk and not available from any other source. Randakk uses these on ALL of his  personal bikes.

These are well-matched to the needs of serious sport touring riders. They have been extensively field tested by top road race riders. Randakk's old grips were great. These GEN II Grips are much better!

If you're interested in feeling with great precision what your front tire and throttle plates are actually doing - these are for you. They offer an outstanding combination of feedback and all-day comfort. Unique extreme tack construction. Excellent feel and damping characteristics without annoying squish.

Product Notes:

1. These will fit any motorcycle with 7/8" handlebars requiring "standard" length grips ...usually designated as 5" or 5 1/2" (approx. 130 - 140 mm). Relaxed length is approximately 5 - 5 1/4."

2. Not for use on '82 and later GoldWings or any other bike using so-called "long" grips (usually designated 6" or longer ... approx. 150 mm+) for obvious reasons.

3. Not for Harley-Davidsons or other motorcycles with 1" handlebars.

4. Handlebar set-ups often get changed during the life of a sure to verify what you actually have installed on your bike.

5. The left grip has a 22 mm I.D. and the right grip has a 24 mm ID to fit over the throttle tube. Each grip is marked. Be sure you install the grip marked "024" on the throttle side!

6. The ends of these grips are "closed."  They can easily be "opened" to accept bar-ends, bar-end mirrors, etc. as shown in the pictures above of RC-003.  I use small curved modeling scissors for this task ...retaining the molded end of the grip while opening up a small circle that matches the ID of the bar.

7. Be aware that the synthetic rubber used for these grips will immediately self-destruct if exposed to harsh chemicals such as brake cleaner spray!

8. Clean with mild soap and water only!

9. Depending on use, care, exposure to the elements, etc., etc. it's considered a "best practice" to replace grips every 1-2 years to maintain optimal "feel."

10. Since the "fit" to the bars is intentionally more "snug" than conventional grips -  use with grip heating systems is not advised.

Follow the installation instructions below and you will get several seasons of excellent sevice from these grips. These grips can actually improve your riding. How many upgrades can deliver on that promise? Randakk runs these on all his personal bikes.

Installation Instructions (Video)

REVISED Installation Instructions.

Important Note: The left grip has a 22 mm ID and the right grip (throttle side) has a 24 mm ID These dimensions are marked on the inboard end of each grip. Be sure you install the grip marked "024" on the throttle side! Each Grip is also marked "Left" and "Right."

Do not use any other method or product to install these grips!  This includes the use of any product marketed as a "Grip Adhesive." Such products will not work as well as the 3 methods detailed below!

  1. Carefully remove your old grips. If they have not been previously glued, blowing them off with compressed air (per Installation Method A below) is the easiest removal method. If they are really glued on tight, carefully slit them apart with a razor knife. Once you are able to grab a small portion, they usually peel right off.
  2. Thoroughly clean the handlebar with contact cleaner or rubbing alcohol. This is a very crucial step and absolutely necessary for a no-squirm, no-slip installation! If there is a large amount of glue residue left behind, consider using a product like Goof-Off. Caution: Contact cleaner and Goof-Off are excellent paint de-glossers, so cover your tank and fenders to protect painted surfaces from these products!
  3. Critical!: thoroughly clean the inside of the new grips with rubbing alcohol to remove any residual manufacturing debris. Dry thoroughly with compressed air.
  4. Installation Method A: (recommended for pro mechanics)
    • Carefully pierce the end of one handlebar grip with an ice pick, awl or small finish nail.  Don't worry, this small hole with be "self-healing" and will virtually disappear when you are done.
    • Using a nozzle attachment on the end of an air compressor hose, blow the grip into position using compressed air. This is surprisingly quick and fun!
    • Repeat for the other side.
    • With this method, you can ride immediately.
    • (Advanced students can skip the hole piercing step and work the compressed air from the inboard side of the grip. This is somewhat counter-intutive, but with some practice it is quite easy).
  5. Installation Method B: (recommended for amateur mechanics)
    • Apply rubbing alcohol (preferred) or soapy water to the inside of grip and bar.
    • Slide grip onto bar, pushing and twisting until it is properly positioned.  Make sure dimples align to your satisfaction.
    • Repeat for the other side.
    • Allow grips to dry for 24 hours before use. This drying time is crucial not shortcut this wait time!
    • Rubbing alcohol is preferred for this method as it is the best lubricant for rubber and it evaporates completely leaving no residue.
  6. Installation Method C: (recommended for amateur mechanics)
    • Apply a small spritz of cheap hair spray to inside of grip and bar (White Rain is my personal favorite). Don't overdo it ...a little hairspray is all you need!
    • Let the hair spray dry to the touch, then reapply a small amount of additional hair spray to both surfaces.
    • Slide grip onto bar, pushing and twisting until it is properly positioned.
    • Repeat for the other side.
    • Allow grips to dry for 24 hours before use. This drying time is crucial not shortcut this wait time!

Randakk has used all 3 methods successfully. The simplest approach is the compressed air method. Also, with the compressed air method, you can ride right away.

If you are really anal, these grips have 4 grooves molded into them so you can secure the grips with safety wire for an added measure of security. Randakk has never found this necessary except for competition use in wet conditions.

Is Universal Part: No

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment: N/A