High Performance Fuel Filter 1/4

This Randakk's High Performance Fuel Filter is a good option for GoldWing and other Vintage Honda owners.

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Filter Testing at Virginia International Raceway on RC-003

Filter Inlet/Outlet Size Filter Fitment Models Select to Cart
1/4 inch All Honda GL1000s

All Honda GL1100s

Honda GL1200: All '84-'85 models and most '86 models depending on original market destination.

Early DOHC-4 models. Early CBX models. Any other carbureted motorcycle with 1/4" fuel hose

5/16 inch
Late DOHC-4 models. Late CBX models. '82-'83 FT500 Ascot Single models. Any other carbureted motorcycle with 5/16" fuel hose
3/8 inch

Honda GL1200: All '87 models and a few '86 models depending on original market destination.

All Honda GL1500s

Any other carbureted motorcycle with 3/8" fuel hose

Filter Install Video by Shasta Smith - The Vintage Monkey

A new fuel filter is strongly recommended as a necessary part of any carb overhaul. Thereafter, it is generally recommended as a best practice that fuel filters be changed annually.

Fuel filters are not included in Randakk's Master Carb Kits but prudent measures should be taken to ensure a pure fuel supply! The OEM Honda filter is always a good choice as a high quality replacement unit. More on aftermarket fuel filters on our Blog.

Randakk's High Performance Fuel Filter is a good option for GoldWing and other Vintage Honda owners...even Harley's! It is a high performance filter that exceeds the performance of the OEM Honda filters and ordinary aftermarket filters. It is also less expensive than the OEM Honda filter.

Available in 3 sizes to fit virtually any carbureted motorcycle.

Randakk's High Performance Fuel Filter Available in 3 Sizes to Fit Virtually any Carbureted Motorcycle
This Filter is Exclusive to Randakk's Cycle Shakk. Includes Rubber Sizing Band to Mate with OEM Honda Bracket Features a Removable Sintered Bronze Element with Viton Seal


  • Long-life filter that lasts indefinitely
  • Aluminum case that can be "opened" without tools for cleaning / inspection
  • Removable, sintered bronze filter media rated at 40 microns
  • No internal adhesives to dissolve and fail
  • Randakk exclusive VITON internal seal
  • Compatible and impervious to any motor fuel fuel including gasoline, ethanol, methanol, nitro methane blends
  • Includes a rubber sizing sleeve to make it compatible with the typical OEM Honda filter clamp. No modifications to clamp or mounting hardware is necessary.
  • Intended for use on carbureted vehicles with mechanical or electric fuel pumps or simple gravity feed.
  • High-flow design. Rated for engines up to approximately 150 horsepower.
  • This is a superior product manufactured to a very high standard and a significant functional upgrade for any motorcycle.
  • These filters are exclusively sourced and manufactured for Randakk's Cycle Shakk. You may find somewhat similar-looking filters elsewhere, but no others have the Viton internal seal and the sizing sleeve to mate to OEM Honda filter brackets.
  • Available in 3 sizes to support virtually all carbureted motorcycles (another Randakk's Cycle Shakk exclusive)

Installation / Notes:

  1. No filter (not even this one) will remove rust particles suspended in fuel from a rusty fuel tank. If your tank is rusty, that problem must be addressed!
  2. The internal VITON seal may have a flat side and a side with ??lips.? The orientation of the seal does not matter. It works equally well in either orientation.
  3. Open the filter. Inspect the housing and filter element for any left-over manufacturing debris, etc.
  4. Lubricate the side of the Viton seal that faces the filter element with a VERY LIGHT SMEAR of Vaseline.
  5. Lubricate the filter housing threads with a VERY LIGHT SMEAR of Vaseline.
  6. Reassemble the filter housing snug....HAND TIGHT only using the sizing sleeve for a good grip. Don??t use pliers or other leverage!
  7. The filter is approximately 7/8" shorter in overall length compared to the OEM Honda filter. On many bikes, one or both of the fuel hose sections which attach to the filter will need to be slightly longer than the stock spec. Randakk's recommends adding most of the additional required fuel hose length to the petcock side of the filter on early 'Wings.
  8. The filter is non-directional. It flows equally in either orientation. For ease of maintenance, it is generally a ??best practice? to orient the filter so that the internal seal and knurled end of the filter is on the the petcock side when mounted.
  9. For early 'Wings and similar models, the OEM filter bracket mounts over the rubber sizing sleeve that surrounds the filter.
  10. My practice when servicing the filter is to leave the petcock side hose attached to the knurled end of the filter body as shown below. This way, the carb side hose and the filter half secured by the OEM bracket can be left on the bike undisturbed.
  11. Thread seepage should never be a problem if the instructions above are followed. If seepage persists, the housing threads can be "sealed" with a VERY SMALL amount of Permatex Aviation Form-A-Gasket sealant. This special sealant is the best available for sealing gasoline and still permits later disassembly.
  12. Fuel Filters should always be mounted at least 3-4 inches from any hot component (such as exhaust manifolds) that might cause the gasoline inside the filter to exceed 175 degrees Fahrenheit.
  13. Note: Packaging / labeling may vary from the examples shown.

Cleaning Notes:

  1. If the filter element needs cleaning, wash in hot water with ordinary detergent, rinse thoroughly then dry completely with compressed air.
  2. If the filter is becomes clogged with varnish or fuel residues - clean first with with a suitable aerosol carb cleaner, then clean with hot soapy water, followed by compressed air.
Gasoline, Petrol
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