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DVD- The New - Ride Like a Pro

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This video is Randakk approved!

I'm very pleased to offer The New - Ride Like Pro instructional video. I don't endorse or offer any product without extensive due diligence. I have personally mastered the material in this video and I'm a much better rider for doing so.


"Just got the DVD yesterday, and watched it most of the way through. I have been riding off and on for over 30 years. The past 4 or 5 years I have been riding more than 10K a year. I knew I did not know it all, who does. I have to say I am thrilled at what I have learned, and what I have been introduced to in this video. I had been working WAY too hard. I know now to use the friction zone, where as before I always had the clutch out, bike low rpms, and ready to pull in the clutch if I had to goose the throttle for any reason. This is easily one of the most worth while investments I have ever made! Thank you!

Tom Stark - Royal Oak, MI

The Ride Like Pro program was started by Jerry ??Motorman? Palladino, a retired motorcycle officer living in Florida. Jerry has created an incredible training tool with his Ride Like Pro DVD series. In The New - Ride Like Pro, you'll experience a modified version of an actual police motor officer course and exercises that can be mastered in just a few hours of practice.

Jerry "Motorman" Palladino teaches simple but powerful riding techniques that are easy to master once you're properly indoctrinated. Particular attention is paid to slow speed maneuvering...a problem area for many riders.

Jerry shows new exercises in the citizen's portion that will help you to transition to the actual motor officer course you'll experience later in the video. In the actual motor officer course you get all the tips, tricks and techniques you'll need to master that course and bring your skills to a whole new level. Now you too can learn the same fundamental skills that the motor officers use. Even experienced riders will improve significantly.

The New - Ride Like a Pro DVD is a complete replacement for all of Jerry's earlier videos and also includes much more expanded content. This is the hottest selling motorcycle instructional video in North America and Europe. Recommended for all riders with 6 months to 30+ years of riding experience.

This video has Randakk's highest recommendation!

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