Stainless Steel Braided Hose - Brake - GL1000 1975-1976 (except LTD) - 4 Hose Kit

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Randakk Exclusive! Superior Braided Stainless Steel Brake and Clutch lines for Honda GoldWing Models

The performance world has long known the advantages stainless steel brake lines give to brake systems. Even new rubber brake lines can't match stainless steel for brake performance. Rubber expands under pressure. The older the lines, the more they expand. The hotter the brakes and brake fluid get, the more the rubber line expands. All this expansion adds up to decreased brake power at times when you need it the most.

Through a special arrangement with Paragon Performance Randakk's Cycle Shakk is now the exclusive source for these superior brake and clutch line kits. All hose sets are made in the USA by Paragon.

1976 LTD & 1977 Honda GL1000 4 Line Brake Hose Kit
(other kits similar)

Our Stainless Steel Lines have a Teflon core, for a smooth linear brake feel. The next layer is Kevlar reinforced braiding, to resist expansion and add flexible durability. Wrap these two inner layers in a braided stainless steel casing covered with a polyethylene coating and you have a DOT approved brake line capable of handling 4000 psi of pressure.

Each hose is pressure-tested at 3,000 psi during the quality assurance process.


There is no substitute for braking skill in reducing braking distances. Stainless steel lines improve brake performance potential, but that potential can only be realized via the inputs of a skilled rider!

If you are not familiar with brake maintenance functions and service techniques, have a professional mechanic do this installation! You can't afford the consequences of improper brake work. Once your new stainless steel lines are installed, take some practice time to acclimate yourself to the feel and performance of your new brakes.

    Honda GoldWing Braided Brake Hose Applications

    ModelYearDescriptionPricePart Number
    GL10001975-76 (except LTD)4 Line Brake Line Kit180.99LP-GWMC-7576
    GL10001976 LTD & 19774 Line Brake Line Kit182.99LP-GWMC-76LTD-77
    GL10001978-19794 Line Brake Line Kit183.99LP-GWMC-78
    GL11001980-19824 Line Brake Line Kit190.99LP-GWMC-8082
    GL110019833 Line Brake Line Kit190.99LP-GWMC-83


    19844 Line Brake Line Kit232.99LP-GWMC-84-STD

    GL1200 Aspencade/Interstate

    19844 Line Brake Line Kit202.99LP-GWMC-84

    GL1200 Aspencade/Interstate

    1985-19874 Line Brake Line Kit206.99LP-GWMC-86-AI


    1988-20003 Line Brake Line Kit 183.99LP-GWMC-93D10


    Mid-line Brake Hose

    (all years)

    Brake Hose

    (under fuel tank)


    Honda GoldWing Braided Clutch Hose Applications

    ModelYearDescriptionPricePart Number

    all GL1200 & GL1500

    1984-2000Clutch line - D.O.T. hose99.99CLU-GWMC-8800

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    Product Notes:

    1. All front brake set top hoses (to master cylinder) are correctly sized to the original OEM handlebar setup. The top hose may be somewhat longer than expected to accommodate all market/variants for a given part number. Routing the hose with appropriate curvature will accommodate the extra length.

    2. Our brake hose sets are not suitable if you have taller than normal aftermarket handlebars, "bar-risers," "bar-backs" or the like.

    3. Be aware that if your top hose is incorrectly routed (many are) that may make our top hose seem too short. You may have to move the hose into a different orientation with respect to the top bridge and headlight bracket if that is the case.

    4. All 4 and 3 Line Brake Hose Kits include the rear hose.

    5. All stainless steel hoses have a durable protective covering.

    6. New crush washers are included with each set.

    7. The clutch hose listed above supports all GL1200 and GL1500 models. It extends all the way from the clutch master cylinder to the clutch slave cylinder. It eliminates the hard "pipe" section found on some models since those were prone to corrosion problems. The GL1500 clutch line does not follow the exact routing of the OEM line.

    8. GL1500 3-line brake kit includes:

    • 1 line from front master cylinder to front right caliper
    • 1 long line from the rear master cylinder hard line to front left caliper
    • 1 line from second master cylinder pipe to rear caliper.

    See: Special Honda GL1500 Stainless Steel Brake Hose Installation Instructions.

    9. Brake hoses are sold in complete sets only. We do not offer individual hoses or custom lengths.

    10. Brake hose sets are designed to support the OEM linked brake setup were so-equippped (1983 and later models). If your linked brakes have been "de-linked," these brake line sets will not fit.

    11. The hardware package sent with all brake line sets includes banjo washers and a "clip" used on the rear hose on some models. Discard the clip if not needed for your application.

    12. Left/right and up/down orientations of all hoses must be carefully maintained to match the stock configuration.

    13. It is a best practice to install hose connections to the calipers with the wheels slightly (and safely!) elevated off the floor. This ensures that adequate "slack" is maintained in all hoses that must accommodate suspension movement.

    14. Brake Bleeding Tips applicable to all models .

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    Is Universal Part: No

    OEM Number(s): N/A

    Motorcycle Fitment:

    • 1975 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
    • 1976 Honda GL1000 GL1000
    • 1976 Honda GL1000 GL1000-LTD