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Standard Oil Filter Conversion Kit - Version A: See Fitment Chart

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This well-engineered conversion kit allows the use of auto spin-on oil filters and makes oil changing a joy! Beautifully crafted by Huntech. Say good-bye to the messy OEM oil filter canister and cartridge. One less excuse not to change your oil!

Filter sold separately - be sure to purchase a supply of these when you purchase this kit!

see Fitment Chart below.

Version Summary of Models  Years Covered


Honda GL1000
Honda GL1100
Honda GL1200
Honda CB 750
Honda CB 550
Honda CB 500
Honda CB 1000
Honda CB 900
Honda CB 400
Honda CB 350
Honda CB 1100F
Honda CBX (see CBX Fit notes)
All years
All years
All years
'70 -'83
'74 -'83
'71 - '77
'79 -'84
'76 -'77
'72 -'74
All years
'79 -'82

T-6 aluminum with highly polished finish (Version A shown)

Version A mounted on GL1000...filter not included


  • Simple 20-minute, "once and done" installation
  • Screws into existing oil filter bolt hole
  • Machined from T-6 aluminum with highly polished finish
  • Instructions included
  • Permits the use of these economical, readily available auto spin-on filters (not included in kit)
  • Adapter-to-engine block o-ring seal included
  • Modern filters incorporate anti-drain back valve (not in OEM design)
  • Many feel that modern filters offer a more reliable pressure relief valve than the OEM design.

Easy Installation:

Install Video by Hawk8 of Classic GoldWings Forum

Full Installation instructions are provided with the product. The best installation tool is a pin arbor tool (available at Sears), but the improvised method shown in Hawk8's video is fine. It is imperative that the o-ring on the engine side of the adapter be installed "DRY!

See related products for the Spin-On Oil Filter - sold separately.

  • CarQuest 85348 (Blue Box premium model made by WIX...same as WIX 51348)

The WIX filter is built with superior materials and incorporates both a by-pass valve and a silicone anti-drain back valve.

Note: No filter is included in the kit - so be sure to order a supply from us when you buy this kit.

Note: Installation is quick and simple, but the mounting instructions must be followed carefully. Failure to do so could result in engine damage or physical injury. If you lack mechanical aptitude, you should engage a professional motorcycle mechanic to perform the installation for you.

Considerable skill is required to install this high quality kit correctly. Since Randakk's cannot control this important variable, there is no warranty. Rest assured that they are of the highest quality materials and workmanship.

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