Upgraded Stator - GL1000 - GL1100 - GL1200

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Read this entire page all the way to the bottom before you order. You must understand and agree to the information provided before placing your order!

I've contracted with the leading Asian manufacturer of motorcycle electronic components to offer this upgraded stator for 4-cylinder GoldWings. Note: There are other "Asian" stators in the market. They are inferior to the premium product we offer.

I've personally tested this superior stator in one of my own bikes. This is a new, not remanufactured product.

Upgraded, heavy-duty high quality stator that replaces the OEM stator in the Honda Goldwing 1000, 1100 and 1200 (non-fuel injected) models.

Designed with a new type of stator core that offers very low magnetic resistance. Incorporates upgraded copper winding wire of the highest temperature rating with altered winding configuration compared to stock. Offers about 20% more output while generating less heat in the stator winding.

Incorporates a built-in aluminum through-grommet that accepts the OEM Honda snap-ring (not included). Also includes the correct 3-prong connector to mate to the OEM wiring harness. Uses high temperature oil-and abrasion resistant lead wires. Offers superior performance and reliability compared to the OEM Honda stator.

Tested Power Output: 350W @ 4000RPM*

*The actual power output varies depending on the configuration and condition of the charging system. Actual performance is typically within +/- 5% of this value.


GL1000 Goldwing (75-79)
GL1100 Goldwing Interstate/Aspencade (80-83)
GL1200 Goldwing (all 84-87 except not for fuel-injected SEI models)

Stator Failures:

You must diagnose and solve whatever problem(s) killed the stator you are replacing. Throwing a new stator at your charging problem is not a sufficient solution!

Stators fail for many reasons. Here are some of them:

  • Problems with regulator/rectifier
  • Defective wiring harness
  • Faulty ground circuit(s)
  • Mechanical interference with rotating engine parts.
  • Overheating
  • Excessive load
  • Careless handling during installation
  • Installation mistakes


  • Access to the OEM Honda Factory Workshop Manual is recommended. You will need this information to tackle stator replacement successfully. You can order the Honda manual here.
  • These stators are triple-checked at the factory for correct output/function.
  • I recommend you repeat these basic stator tests after you have installed the new stator into the rear cover and once again before you re-install the engine back into the frame.
  • Be careful to avoid "trapping" any loops of winding as you install the stator into the back cover.
  • Stators must be installed "true and perpendicular" relative to rotating engine parts. If the stator is "cocked" - interference with rotating engine parts will cause instant death.
  • This Tech Tip offers some useful relevant information on removing the engine and accessing the rear cover.
  • To extend stator life - change your engine oil frequently! Acids build up in tired motor oil that can attack stator windings.


  • No returns, exchanges or refunds allowed on this product exceptions.
  • Be sure you are qualified to undertake stator replacement before you order.

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Is Universal Part: No

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment:

  • 1975 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
  • 1976 Honda GL1000 GL1000
  • 1976 Honda GL1000 GL1000-LTD
  • 1977 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
  • 1978 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
  • 1979 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
  • 1980 Honda GL1100 GL1100
  • 1980 Honda GL1100 GL1100I Goldwing Interstate
  • 1981 Honda GL1100 GL1100
  • 1981 Honda GL1100 GL1100I Goldwing Interstate
  • 1982 Honda GL1100 GL1100
  • 1982 Honda GL1100 GL1100A Goldwing Aspencade
  • 1982 Honda GL1100 GL1100I Goldwing Interstate
  • 1983 Honda GL1100 GL1100
  • 1983 Honda GL1100 GL1100A Goldwing Aspencade
  • 1983 Honda GL1100 GL1100I Goldwing Interstate
  • 1984 Honda GL1200 GL1200
  • 1984 Honda GL1200 GL1200A Goldwing Aspencade
  • 1984 Honda GL1200 GL1200I Goldwing Interstate
  • 1985 Honda GL1200 GL1200A Goldwing Aspencade
  • 1985 Honda GL1200 GL1200I Goldwing Interstate
  • 1985 Honda GL1200 GL1200I-LTD
  • 1986 Honda GL1200 GL1200A Goldwing Aspencade
  • 1986 Honda GL1200 GL1200I Goldwing Interstate
  • 1986 Honda GL1200 GL1200SE-i Goldwing LTD
  • 1987 Honda GL1200 GL1200A Goldwing Aspencade
  • 1987 Honda GL1200 GL1200I Goldwing Interstate