World's Best Oil Funnel

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If you're like me, changing oil religiously is a disciplined activity that keeps vintage motorcycles alive and healthy!

For me - one of my least favorite parts of any oil change is dealing with a funnel that aggravates and is hard to clean.

Now, I've found the perfect funnel and I'm pleased to offer it the everyone.

Simple product you say? Actually, lots of R&D and thought have gone into this. The size, shape and materials have been optimized for this task.

The special hexagon shape gives the strength required, while the flexible material fits snugly into the crankcase opening. Unlike most "Walmart" plastic funnels - this one is not "oversized" or "tippy."

The small size and "offset" design allows it to fit into tight spots. It's also easier to clean and store than other funnels.

Through a special arrangement, Randakk's is now the exclusive North American outlet for these superior funnels created for me by Arnold Korn of Germany. Made with an exotic proprietary synthetic rubber material and precision German workmanship, they are a joy to use.

Suitable for any Japanese, European or American motorcycle ...even Harley-Davidsons!

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