GL1000 Battery Strap - Late Vertical Style - Randakk Reproduction

GL1000 Battery Strap - Late Vertical Style - Randakk Reproduction

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Is your battery flopping around inside the battery box? Held in place with zip ties? Having a battery strap is vital for a correct, proper restoration. The safety aspect is obvious.

The original Honda part number for this item is: #95012-15001 (which supercedes #95012-15000). The Honda Parts system nomenclature calls this a "Band, Battery."

This part is often unavailable from Honda. The same part is used on a number of other Hondas including jet skis and power equipment.

Partial List of other Honda bikes this battery strap will fit:

CB100, CB 100, CB-100, K0 - K2, Supersport 100

CL100, CL 100, CL-100, K0-K2, Scrambler 100

CL100S2, CL100-S2, CL100S3, CL100-S3

SL100, SL 100, SL-100, K1 - K3

XL100, XL 100, XL-100, K0 - K1

CB125, CB 125, CB-125, CB125S, CB125-S, CB125S1, CB125-S1, CB125S2, CB125-S2, 1976 - 1982

CL125, CL 125, CL-125, CL125S, CL125-S, CL125S1, CL125-S1

SL125, SL 125, SL-125, Motosport 125, K0 - K2

CA175, CA 175, CA-175, K3, Touring 175

CB175, CB 175, CB-175, K3-K7, Super Sport 175

CL175, CL 175, CL-175, K3-K7, Scrambler 175

CB200, CB 200, CB-200

CB200T, CB200-T, 1976

CL200, CL 200, CL-200, Scrambler 200

CMX250, CMX 250, CMX-250, Rebel 250, 1996 - 2007

CB900, CB 900, CB-900, CB900F, CB900-F, CB919, CB 919, CB-919, 2002 - 2006

CBR900, CBR 900, CBR-900, CBR900RE, 2001

CBR929, CBR 929, CBR-929, CBR929RE, CBR929RR, 2000 - 2003

CBR954, CBR 954, CBR-954, CBR954RR, (band 1 of 2)

These fit and function as new. They have been created using injection molding techniques and superior synthetic rubber. The material selected is highly durable, resistant to fatigue, ozone, ultraviolet, acids, alkali, oils and lubricants.

The buckle "hooks" on our strap are fabricated from rust-resistant wire stock.


Overall length including buckles (relaxed): 140 mm

Strap width: 35 mm

Buckle clearance: will clear "hook" of 35 mm

Note: Battery strap is only for late GL1000s which had vertical battery straps. This includes all 1977 and later models. Some 1976 K1 models destined for non-North American markets also had the later style vertical battery straps. Do not order if your GL1000 bike has a horizontal strap. 

Note: This strap may fit other brands and models of motorcycles but Randakk's cannot verify this for you. Refer to the dimensions above.

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Is Universal Part: No

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment:

  • 1977 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
  • 1978 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
  • 1979 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
  • 1980 Honda CB900 CB900C 900 Custom
  • 1981 Honda CB900 CB900C 900 Custom
  • 1981 Honda CB900 CB900F 900 Super Sport
  • 1982 Honda CB900 CB900C 900 Custom
  • 1982 Honda CB900 CB900F 900 Super Sport