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GL1000 Carb-to-Plenum AIR O-rings (included in GL1000 Master

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These are the large carb-to-plenum AIR O-ring - 60.0 x 2.1 mm.

Somewhat confusing - these look "square" on the Honda parts diagram / fiche, but they are actually ordinary round o-rings. Note: if you buy my GL1000 Master Carb Overhaul Kit, these o-rings are included. These are included in some aftermarket rebuild kits, but omitted in others.

I've received so many requests for these, I've decided to make these available separately.

GL1000 Carb-to-Plenum AIR O-rings

These fit all 1975 - 1979 Honda GL1000 carburetors (4 o-rings required). Remember - I'm selling these only in a set of 4 o-rings.

No adhesive is required to secure these into the O-ring groove in the carb body ...I install them "dry." I don't find it necessary, but it's OK to use a light smear of Vaseline to secure them in place during reassembly.

If you are splitting your carbs from the plenum, you will also need my improved GL1000 plenum gasket and the GL1000 carb-to-plenum FUEL seals.

Like all my o-rings, these are made of genuine Viton.

GL1000 Carb-to-Plenum AIR O-rings

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Is Universal Part: No

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment:

  • 1975 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
  • 1976 Honda GL1000 GL1000
  • 1976 Honda GL1000 GL1000-LTD
  • 1977 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
  • 1978 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
  • 1979 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing