GL1000 Swing Arm Pivot Caps - Set of 2

GL1000 Swing Arm Pivot Caps - Set of 2

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Swing Arm Pivot Caps

Here's another vital part necessary for a correct, proper restoration of any 1975-1977 Honda GL1000 GoldWing. The original Honda part number for this item is: #90303-371-000. The Honda parts system nomenclature calls this a "Cap, Lock Nut."

These cover the lock nut which secures and sets the pre-load on the swing arm pivot bolt. Each GL 1000 requires 2 of for each side.

This part has been discontinued by Honda and has been unavailable for some time.

Many of the GL1000 bikes I see in my shop are missing these caps. The originals weren't that durable and many have failed by now. Often, careless mechanics will misplace them during service procedures. Sometimes a careless rider's boot will dislodge them. Sometimes the wind alone will cause them to fly off. If yours haven't failed or been lost yet, count yourself very lucky.

I have commissioned the manufacture of faithful reproductions of this part. These fit and function as new. They have been created using injection molding techniques and superior synthetic rubber. The material selected is highly durable, resistant to fatigue, ozone, ultraviolet, acids, alkali, oils and lubricants.

My version is correct for all early ('75-77) GL1000 which have "smooth" pivot bolt covers. These correspond perfectly to Honda part number is #90303-371-000. These have an inner perimeter "lip" as well as a central "prong" which mates to the socket head bolt recess of the pivot bolt for secure attachment.

Honda also made a later version of this part for '78-79 models which was "stepped" instead of smooth on the outside (Honda part # 90303-431-670). This later style was even less secure as it only had the inner retaining "lip" and a hex inner contour, but not the central "prong" of the earlier style cover. My reproduction covers will work in place of the later style covers fitted to '78-'79 GL1000s, but obviously mine lack the "stepped" outer surface.

GL1000 Swing Arm Pivot Caps - Randakk Reproduction

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Is Universal Part: No

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment:

  • 1975 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
  • 1976 Honda GL1000 GL1000
  • 1976 Honda GL1000 GL1000-LTD
  • 1977 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing