GL1100 Float Pivot Pins (NOT included in GL1100 Master Kit) - Set of 4

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Up until now, float pins have been available only from Honda as part of a "Float Set" which includes the float. The Honda part number for the set is: 16013-679-005 which lists for $41.10. So, to get 4 float pins, you would have to spend $164.40!

GL1100 Float Pivot Pins

Float pins can be a bear to remove. Often they are bent or damaged in the process. Worse, ham-fisted removal efforts unfortunately can result in broken float pivot posts which ruins the whole carb body. Be careful removing these! Liberal and patient soaking with PB Blaster or equivalent is advised before you attempt removal.

Randakk's float pins are designed specifically for the Honda GL1100. They are made from from precision machined stainless steel stock to precise dimensions. They are cut to length to very close tolerances and the ends are finished just like OEM.

These will not fit GL1000 carbs!

Be sure to de-burr the float pivot post bores on the carb body before installing these. Make sure the corresponding bores in the floats themselves are free of burrs as well. The float must pivot freely when installed for proper operation.

Note: Sold in sets of 4 float pins.

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Is Universal Part: No

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment:

  • 1980 Honda GL1100 GL1100
  • 1980 Honda GL1100 GL1100I Goldwing Interstate
  • 1981 Honda GL1100 GL1100
  • 1981 Honda GL1100 GL1100I Goldwing Interstate
  • 1982 Honda GL1100 GL1100
  • 1982 Honda GL1100 GL1100A Goldwing Aspencade
  • 1982 Honda GL1100 GL1100I Goldwing Interstate
  • 1983 Honda GL1100 GL1100
  • 1983 Honda GL1100 GL1100A Goldwing Aspencade
  • 1983 Honda GL1100 GL1100I Goldwing Interstate