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CBX Intake Rubber Boots (aka Carb Holders...NOT included in CBX Master Kit) - Set of 6 - Version A: '79 - '80

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Tired of wrestling with decades old, hard-as-a-rock intake rubber boots (aka "carb holders") when you remove/install your CBX carbs? Do you fear this gruesome task and worry about damaging your carefully rebuilt carbs? If so, here is the answer.

These high quality reproduction intake rubbers for the CBX are made to the highest standard. The fit and function matches OEM parts and they are constructed of superior materials to resist the effects of modern gasoline. You will appreciate the advantage of pliable, new rubber.

Best of all, I offer both "early" ('79-'80) and "late" ('81-'82) versions.

Version Models
A - Straight Design (Set of 6) Fits '79-'80 models only
B - Kinked Design (Set of 6) Fits '81-'82 models only

The early versions are "straight,"while the late versions are slightly longer and have the correct slight "kink" which is "clocked" to the proper orientation during installation. Inattention to the differences between the the 2 versions has snagged many mechanics.

Version A: CBX Intake Rubber Boots ("Early") - Straight Design for '79-'80 Models

Version B: CBX Intake Rubber Boots ("Late") - Kinked Design for '81-'82 Models...Note Index Mark

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Is Universal Part: No

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment:

  • 1979 Honda CBX CBX
  • 1980 Honda CBX CBX