Screwdriver JIS 3-Pack #1, #2, #3

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Every screw on every Japanese designed motorcycle from the 1950s right up to the newest bikes in the showroom today were manufactured with a unique JIS screw head design we dont see on products made here in North America. JIS stands for 'Japanese Industrial Standard'. If you own a Japanese motorcycle- you need to know about JIS style screwdrivers
Many other products made in Japan use the same JIS machine screws- so the screwdrivers are useful on other Japanese products too!

The JIS style screwdriver has a 57 degree point with a flat tip and parallel wings. JIS screwdrivers grip the screw and fit snugly rather than just sitting inside- ensuring a perfect fit every time which greatly increases the probability of removing that screw with no damage.

This set of three screwdrivers covers the majority of sizes needed on Japanese motorcycles

1-JIS style screwdriver-size #1 - perfect for those little screws on handlebar switches- electrics- etc
1-JIS style screwdriver-size #2 - our most versatile- great for all carb screws- etc
1-JIS style screwdriver-size #3 - fits all those larger screws found on the engine cases and bodywork.

Is Universal Part: Yes

OEM Number(s): N/A

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