Ricks Motorsport Electrics High Output Charging System Kit - (Fits: Honda CB350, CL350, CB360, & CL360)

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Ideal when installed along with our XSCharge wiring harness designed to go with this kit. 100-1626.
Despite the love we have for our teeth chattering soul shaking vintage speed machines, in some areas they just need a little help and upgrading to modern technology. One of those most common areas is the electrical system - and especially the charging system.. You know what we're talking about... If you're out driving your light at 65MPH, there's a problem. Which is the case on most of these old birds. The common attempted fix is fitting a newer H4 65 watt headlamp which simply won't work. It draws more power than the stator produces and will leave you stranded or worse, kill your battery. The Wing'd Piston though, has your solution! We've partnered with Rick's Motorsport Electrics and are now offering high-output charging kits for your vintage CB twin love machine. Just pickup one of these kits and replace the tired old electrics of your old system and you'll be off and running with enough juice to get you from Cafe to Cafe without that second Espresso! Some cutting and splicing may required depending on the current state of your wiring harness so we recommend picking up some of our factory style bullet connectors and sleeves to ensure the job is done proper! Digg it, Ace!

Is Universal Part: No

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment:

  • 1968 Honda CB250 CB250K0
  • 1968 Honda CB350 Twin CB350K0
  • 1968 Honda CL350 CL350K0
  • 1969 Honda CB250 CB250K1
  • 1969 Honda CB350 Twin CB350K1
  • 1969 Honda CL350 CL350K1
  • 1970 Honda CB250 CB250K2
  • 1970 Honda CB350 Twin CB350K2
  • 1970 Honda CL350 CL350K2
  • 1971 Honda CB250 CB250K3
  • 1971 Honda CB350 Twin CB350K3
  • 1971 Honda CL350 CL350K3
  • 1972 Honda CB250 CB250K4
  • 1972 Honda CB350 Twin CB350K4
  • 1972 Honda CL350 CL350K4
  • 1973 Honda CB250 CB250G Super Sport 250
  • 1973 Honda CB350 Twin CB350G Super Sport 350
  • 1973 Honda CL350 CL350K5
  • 1974 Honda CB250 CB250G
  • 1974 Honda CB360 CB360K0
  • 1974 Honda CL360 CL360K0
  • 1975 Honda CB250 CB250T
  • 1975 Honda CB360 CB360T
  • 1975 Honda CL360 CL360K1
  • 1976 Honda CB250 CB250T
  • 1976 Honda CB360 CB360T
  • 1976 Honda CJ250 CJ250T
  • 1976 Honda CJ360 CJ360T
  • 1977 Honda CJ250 CJ250T
  • 1977 Honda CJ360 CJ360T