XSCharge Wiring Harness for Ricks Kit - Honda CB350, CL350, SL350, CB250, & CL250

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You might not think it, but that 40+ year harness of yours could have some issues. Over time moisture can enter the interior of the wire jacket and cause corrosion, which leads to resistance, which leads to you being stuck on the side of road. Yeah, not cool. Grab one of these XSCharge Harnesses today and upgrade your electrics...
Consider buying the other part of your electrical puzzle - the charging system. We have this sweet kit that works with this harness to solve many of the charging system ills....

Is Universal Part: No

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment:

  • 1968 Honda CB250 CB250K0
  • 1968 Honda CB350 Twin CB350K0
  • 1968 Honda CL350 CL350K0
  • 1969 Honda CB250 CB250K1
  • 1969 Honda CB350 Twin CB350K1
  • 1969 Honda CL350 CL350K1
  • 1970 Honda CB250 CB250K2
  • 1970 Honda CB350 Twin CB350K2
  • 1970 Honda CL350 CL350K2
  • 1971 Honda CB250 CB250K3
  • 1971 Honda CB350 Twin CB350K3
  • 1971 Honda CL350 CL350K3
  • 1972 Honda CB250 CB250K4
  • 1972 Honda CB350 Twin CB350K4
  • 1972 Honda CL350 CL350K4
  • 1973 Honda CB350 Twin CB350G Super Sport 350
  • 1973 Honda CL350 CL350K5